Body Balm - Fiji Fever

Body Balm - Fiji Fever


Body Balm - Fiji Fever 250ml by MALSEA


For hardcore hydration lovers!  Immerse in the warm, soft, feminine, explosion that is Fiji Fever.  Warm notes of bergamot and tea, with jasmine, orchid, freesia, and rose, brought together with a sensual base of patchouli and musk.  Pure Heaven!


MALSEA  Body Balm is like no other!  Thick, creamy, and rich!  A pure blend of 100% Virgin Coconut oil, Mango Butter and Shea Butter delivers on the skin-loving goodness!


No water or preservatives, our balm packs a hydration punch!  


Mango Butter - Vitamin C in mango butter gives the skin a boost by brightening while vitamin A increases the skin's youthful appearance.  Mango butter is very soothing and healing.
Shea Butter - Containing Vitamin A, E, and F Shea conditions, tones, and soothes, helps reduce dark spots and scars.
Organic Coconut Oil - 100% organic extra virgin, our coconut oil is cold-pressed from fresh-picked dried coconut flesh.  Deep Conditions and Hydrates.


Use Me - Scoop desired amount and massage all over your body daily. Perfect for dry areas such as, elbows, feet and ideal as a silky smooth finish to freshly shaved legs!


Store - In a cool dry place, never in direct sunlight or in a room with heat as this can melt the butters and oils.  Replace lid securely.