150ml bottle of Saboré Clarity Toner

Saboré Clarity Toner


The Saboré Clarity Toner is the perfect companion after the Saboré Clarity Cleanser, Clarity Cream Scrub, and before Saboré's Clarity Moisturiser.


Packed full of quality organic ingredients such as; organic sugar maple, sugar cane, bilberry, lemon, orange, willow bark, tea tree, aloe, and cranberry.  Naturally occurring acids such as; Malic, Tartaric, Glycolic, Citric, and Lactic helps to exfoliate and purify skin, energize and improve circulation, aloe vera to hydrate and calm, and fructose and sucrose to further brighten your complexion. A brightening plus strengthening treatment toner that effectively improves your skin tone and texture while providing strong antioxidant protection.


Saboré Clarity products are perfect for those with combination skin types that are concerned with ageing.